It all starts with a good story.

Step 1: Read a good story.

Lyric Poets will read a complete—but not fully edited—manuscript, a fun story in need of some final polish to make it shine.

Step 2: Make it better.

Following some simple instructions, Lyric Poets will provide edits and inputs to improve the story and writing. From developmental edits to make the story and characters more exciting, to line edits to improve the readability and flow, to copy editing to correct errors in grammar and punctuation—students' input will be sent to the book's editors as it moves through the publication process.

Step 3: See it shine.

At the end of the process, Lyric Poets will receive the final published book and see how their input helped turn a good story into a great book. Poets whose contributions made the most impact on the editing process may even be credited in the published book as thanks for their hard work.


Join us and get started!


Originally, the Lyric Poets Project was envisioned as a summer reading/writing project.

We loved that idea, but found more enthusiasm for the program in a group classroom environment. We even created a fun Explainer video how the summer project would work.

Check it out: