Welcome to the Lyric Poets Project

Designed as an enrichment activity for 3rd through 6th grade classrooms, The Lyric Poets Project is a unique opportunity for students to participate in the editing process of a published children's novel.

How it works:

  1. Students (i.e. Lyric Poets) will read read a finished portion of the story and will be introduced to the characters, settings, and plot. Part One of Foreverafter: An Odd Adventure, subtitled "Crash Landers" is complete and will soon be available on Amazon and all major book sellers. Digital copies will be provided to classrooms at no cost.
  2. They will then read the in-work manuscripts for the second and third parts to this 3-part novel and provide inputs into the editing process. Teachers will be able to choose from a selection of exercises that match the level of their students. Ideally, this will be done as a collaboration utilizing the Google Classroom environment of each school, but can also be done individually.
  3. Inputs from Lyric Poets will be incorporated by our editors as the book moves through the publication process.
  4. Participating classrooms will receive a copy of the published book when complete, allowing Lyric Poets see how their hard work helped turn a good story into a great book. Poets who made significant inputs into the final novel may even be credited in the book!


The 2016-17 Lyrics Poets Project features a middle-grade fantasy adventure by author K.J. Quint titled: 



Click here to learn more about this exciting story.

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